Gamification in every scenario

Trade shows, exhibitions, educational institutions, corporate… every scenario can implement gamified strategies in their communication and interaction with its audience.


We develop high-quality interactive content, using gamified elements in order to maximize the user experience and engagement with any brand, product, service or idea.

Promotional Gamification

We promote products and services both in face-to-face events and online through gamification strategies linking your audience with brand, allowing them to learn from you as you learn from them.

Gamification in education

We transfer playful mechanics to the educational-professional field in order to achieve better results in corporate contexts, either to better absorb some knowledge, skill improvement, or reward specific actions, among many other objectives.

Corporate Gamification

We develop on demand content for e-learning courses and learning platforms for all industries.


Gamification is a hot topic at the moment, but there aren’t many examples of companies actually using it to their advantage. Badablu delivers custom gamification service that allows businesses to engage with their audience in new and exciting ways. By creating engaging campaigns we can help anyone take their business to the next level of success.


Brand recall in expositions and trade shows


Expenses in promotional goods & merchandising


Attendees traffic control on booth during low/pick hours

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